A Healthy Dose of Your Favorite Shows

Cells at Work! CODE BLACK (1 Season) B+

Short Pill:
A classic twist on the theory of 49 days. This Mama ghost has 49 days to settle her issues on earth, and is faced with decisions on whether she will voluntarily leave, or face consequences of the heavens.

Wonder Egg Priority (1 Season) A-

Short Pill:
A sweet and suspenseful drama about an orphan never able to make friends, for fear of being abandoned again, who meets a community of people who has her back when things get scary.

Horimiya (1 Season) B+

Short Pill:
An immortal woman who runs a peculiar hotel finally faces off with souls from her past life who may be the cause of why she’s stuck on earth. Strange things start happening around her when her eternal clock starts ticking again.