A Healthy Dose of Your Favorite Shows

Dragon Ball Super (1 Season) B

Short Pill:
Just by touching any object that has had contact with skin, allows him to see the full history around it. This gift can save lives, and maybe even his own.

Assassination Classroom (2 Seasons) A

Short Pill:
Tragedy prompts a bunch a women, who are strangers to each other, to band together to find the common enemy who helped put them in the situation they’re in. But can their punishment be harsher than the one life has in store?

One Punch Man (2 Seasons) A

Short Pill:
If you don’t fall in Love with Healer, your heart isn’t working right. Healer is everything you look for in a drama. It has suspense, ACTION, comedy, and Romance! It will keep you on the edge of your seat and on the tip of your toes. Must Watch!