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Cells at Work! CODE BLACK (1 Season) B+

Short Pill:
A classic twist on the theory of 49 days. This Mama ghost has 49 days to settle her issues on earth, and is faced with decisions on whether she will voluntarily leave, or face consequences of the heavens.

Akame ga Kill! (1 Season) B

Short Pill:
Every marriage has its faults, but when love becomes a battlefield, who will come out on the other side? How many people will it effect? And who will be at fault? This drama follows passion led astray and the darkness that can come out of love that once bloomed brightly.

Attack on Titan (4 Seasons) Classic A+

Short Pill:
A young woman on the brink of death, is granted 49 days on earth, to find three people who genuinely mourn her absence. Seems simple enough… but honest tears are hard to find.

Cells at Work! (1 Season) B

Short Pill:
A teenager reaper of souls, gets stuck between the real world and the celestial world when she personally helps a human to live. What is develop afterwards, is out of this world!

Dragon Ball Super (1 Season) B

Short Pill:
Just by touching any object that has had contact with skin, allows him to see the full history around it. This gift can save lives, and maybe even his own.

Asobe Asobase: Workshop of Fun (1 Season) B+

Short Pill:
When a mom has to protect her child, she’ll go from Momma Bear to Momma Beast, in a flash. This mom returns to high school to take on the bullies who are beating her daughter. They soon learn that they’re no match for Momma!

Bleach (15 Seasons) Classic B

Short Pill:
When a rich human meets his alter-robot-ego, they both struggle to be the only and only true heir to a family birthright. Who has more to offer will determine who wins the right to exist.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2 Seasons) A

Short Pill:
An emotional story of a young blind girl who relies on her other senses to help navigate around the world, and discern the hearts of those closest to her. Will her senses lead her to the same heart when her sight is restored? (Xandddie Art Featured)

Demon Slayer (1 Season) A

Short Pill:
She’s crushing skulls, and fixing hearts. Bad girl exterior, with a marshmallow heart. She’s had a tough past but will she allow someone to mend her?

Wonder Egg Priority (1 Season) A-

Short Pill:
A sweet and suspenseful drama about an orphan never able to make friends, for fear of being abandoned again, who meets a community of people who has her back when things get scary.

Dragon Ball Z (9 Seasons) Classic A-

Short Pill:
A cursed warrior, sentenced to a life of immortality, has had to watch those who he’s loved and cared for die before him, for 900 years, until a promised bride appears, that can help remove his misery.

Assassination Classroom (2 Seasons) A

Short Pill:
Tragedy prompts a bunch a women, who are strangers to each other, to band together to find the common enemy who helped put them in the situation they’re in. But can their punishment be harsher than the one life has in store?

Dragon Ball (9 Seasons) Classic A

Short Pill:
Once the honeymoon is over and familiarity sets in, contempt is sure to follow. What if we could do it all over again from the start? Would we still choose the same love, or a different path?

Detective Conan: Case Closed (29 Seasons) Classic A

Short Pill:
A modern day twist on “Alice in Wonderland” that follows a talented, young designer, in her desire to join the who’s-who, socialite scene, of the ritzy Cheongdam-dong neighborhood, in Seoul. But getting accepted into that class of people is no easy feat. just how far down the rabbit-hole is she willing to go, to get there?

Cowboy Bebop (1998) Classic A+

Short Pill:
Old people? Nah! These are true acting VETS who teach you how it’s done. They’re so funny, entertaining, and natural on-screen, you’ll forget they’re acting, and fall in love… and miss them DEARLY when it’s over! Definitely one of my TOP DRAMAS.

Dr. Stone (2 Seasons) A-

Short Pill:
An inter-dimensional time portal allows a love between two ages of time to bloom. A Goryeo warrior and a present day Doctor depend on each other while trapped in another time.

Death Note (1 Season) Classic A+

Short Pill:
An average delivery girl gets a chance of a lifetime, to attend a prestigious school of the rich and elite, and soon learns that money can’t buy them class, and only the tough can survive.

One Punch Man (2 Seasons) A

Short Pill:
If you don’t fall in Love with Healer, your heart isn’t working right. Healer is everything you look for in a drama. It has suspense, ACTION, comedy, and Romance! It will keep you on the edge of your seat and on the tip of your toes. Must Watch!

Hunter X Hunter (6 Seasons) Classic A+

Short Pill:
The most hilarious take on when Love Goes Bad and the antics done by ex lovers in bitterness. Great for days when you’re sick of crying and need laughs. Pure Comedy Gold!

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